Christos Michalopoulos pursued photography in 2009, during the annual Digital Photography Seminar, organized by the Municipality of Glyfada, under Despina Klouva. In 2010 he attended the biennial Analog Photography Programme at the artistic workshop of the Municipality of Zografou, under Nikos Demolitsas, while learning darkroom techniques under Dimitris Drakopoulos. At the same time, he participated in the seminars of POFPA held by Vangelis Georgas. From 2012 until 2015 he attended the Laboratory of Photography of ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts) under Manolis Babousis, Alexander Voutsas and Panos Kokkinias. In 2017 he attended, for two semesters, a photographic seminar, in temporary artistic practice, organized by the School of Fine Arts, by the professors Kostas Ioannidis, Eleni Mouzakiti and Labros Papanikolatos. He has also participated in the Digital Processing Workshop (HPS with Harry Pasiroglou) as well as in a photojournalism workshop (with Maro Kouri). He has participated in group exhibitions at the Gounaropoulos Museum (2012 and 2015), at the self-organized Social Center “Berdes” (2013), at the Vault Theatre (2013), at the multi-level activity space of “Booze Cooperativa” (2014), at the Libertarian Social Center “Pikrodafni” (2016) and at the School of Fine Arts (2017).