The photos of this project were taken at the abandoned Athens International Airport in Hellinikon during summer 2014. The East Terminal buildings of this airport were designed by the famous Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen and were constructed between 1960 and 1969. It was his last work which he never saw completed since he died in 1961. This airport was replaced in 2001 by a new one.

The project was initiated by a group of five photographers – artists through the Photo Lab of the Athens School of Fine Arts.By participating in this, I wanted to photographically connect the spaces of the old airport – an asset in transitional state since the international competition for its clearance had started – with the economic reforms, taking place these last years in Greece of crisis, and their social consequences. For me the site of the old airport, once the country’s emblematic gate to the world during the years of wealth and prosperity, signifies, with its abandonment and the uncertainty of its future, in the most clear way the caging in dead-end practices both in political and social level.